Scania R580 V8 Topline Abrollkipper

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    • Scania R580 V8 Topline Abrollkipper

      Good afternoon,

      I've searched on Google for Scania's with an hooklift system and a triple axle configuration. I found an truck of the VSB Groep (Netherlands). So I decided to contact them to ask if I could make pictures of the truck.
      They replied that I was welcome to make pictures. So yesterday I took the nice weather with me and made a trip to the company.

      Below some images of the truck:

      My plans is to build a scale replica of this truck. Some remarks are that I use 8x4 with two driven axles instead of one that the original have. Another difference is that the original truck is using a cable system for the containers, and I'm going to use a hooklift system from LESU.
      Started with the cabin.

      I mounted the hooklift on the chassis and cut the chassis to the right length. Dry fit with the mudguards and wheels.